Gate Repairs & Automation

Have you ever been stuck in your driveway because your gate broke down? Would you like to upgrade to the automatic electric driveway gate? Or are you having problems with your remote control gate? When it comes to garage door repairs, gate repairs and automation, always rely on expert technicians who can deliver high quality products and services on demand.

Welcome to Automatic Access, where we make everything simple and easy to use for our customers. We offer garage door repairs, gate repairs and automation and complete gate replacement according to your needs. We provide the right solutions for you. Choose from a broad range of garage door repairs services and gate replacement parts. Whatever brand or style you prefer, from hand held remote controls to complete automation systems, whether for use in domestic, commercial, multi-user or industrial application. We cater for it all.

Gate Replacement Parts

As part of our garage door repairs and gate repairs services, we also provide high quality gate replacement parts. We offer remote controls, motors, springs, cables, wheels, hinges, tracks, guides, bearings, key switches, digital key pads, safety beams, swing gate parts, sliding gate parts, cantilever gate parts and boom gate parts. All gate replacement parts are covered by warranty.

We cater for these types of gates: swing gates, sliding gates, cantilever gates, boom gates and solar gates. We offer garage door and gate repairs and automation. We offer all brands and all styles of gate replacement parts. You can purchase parts direct or you can request one of our technicians to attend an onsite service call.

Solar Gates

Solar gates are a great alternative to electric powered gates. They are useful during those times when electricity is not available. Solar power also provides a clean and renewable energy source. As part of our garage door repairs and gate replacement services, we also install solar gates and replace broken parts as needed. We provide top notch service and high quality products. So the next time your gate breaks down and you need garage door repairs and gate repairs services, contact us immediately so we can help you.